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Water Supply Flexibility
The Cottonwood District water was originally supplied almost entirely by production from deep wells in regional aquifers.  These aquifers are considered non-renewable sources as they contain a limited supply of water.  Water professionals predict that obtaining water from these aquifers will become increasingly difficult and expensive as water levels decline.  Over the last 20 years, the District has pursued several renewable water supply alternatives in order to have reliable supplies for the long-term.  The District has developed Cherry Creek alluvial production ("renewable water") that is used for non-potable irrigation and as a water source for the Joint Water Purification Plant ("JWPP").  The District has also partnered with other regional water providers to obtain water through the Water Infrastructure Supply Efficiency ("WISE") project.  Approximately 75% of the District's total 2019 water supply was from renewable sources making the District one of the regional leaders in the utilization of renewable water.